Catch A Dream

Throughout history, dreams are deemed essential. They have a place in every culture. They are considered a powerful force that helps in evaluating life and dealing with different kinds of issues. A few can predict the future based on dreams thus making it necessary to remember them. The fact is dreams can have meanings and can give you purpose and ideas to make life better.

However, because we are all connected in the web of life, everyone is affected, to one degree or another, by the energies that surround us and the thought forms of others. Some people are more susceptible to these thought forms just as some people are more “open” to negativity than others. Such people are more vulnerable at night when their guard is down and, as a result, bad dreams occur. For these people, there is a “medicine” that works to protect them in this vulnerable state, and it is this sacred medicine.

A dreamcatcher is a beautiful handmade work of art that has been made for many generations. Each dream catcher is unique with a variety of colors and styles. Once the hoop has been crafted and wrapped in leather, the dream catcher can then be personalized with items considered sacred. You will commonly see that they are usually decorated with feathers and beads. They are relatively simple to construct and contain few components, but each part holds a meaning and is vital in the performance of the object. The web is woven around a willow hoop, and some personal items are hung from the hoop to increase its sacred power and make the item more personal to the household it is trying to help.

The dream catcher has played a huge role in the Native American culture for many years. The hoop of the dream catcher is a significant component that symbolized unity and strength. You can find many symbols that have started from the basic circle, and the dream catcher is one of the famous ones. You will see that many of these are uniquely handmade by local artists of Native American Indian tribes.

Many people have been asking a question like, do the dreamcatchers work? I have only found that it is in the individual opinion. Of those who own dreamcatchers say that they indeed work. However, like all sentimental charms, if you believe that they work, and you tell yourself that they work, then in all reality they must work.

In households today, you may find one dreamcatcher or several. As they have become more of charms and collectibles. Dreamcatchers come in various sizes and colors. Others have even had them tattooed on their bodies.

Regardless of how you use your dreamcatcher, or where you use them, dreamcatchers are just one of the most beautiful of the Native American artifacts. When you give a dreamcatcher to someone as a gift, you pass on the legend to them. The legend will continue to live on. So, are you looking for a dreamcatcher? Stop by Crystal Divine Alchemy and see the variety of dream catcher you might be looking for.


Author: Crystal Divine Alchemy

Crystal Divine Alchemy is here to support you creating your sacred space. Here you can find the tools that you need to add to your Self Mastery Journey.

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